Recent & Upcoming Events

Northwestern University, Institute for Policy Research @ 50 Conference

Panelists: Jonathan Guryan (IPR/SESP), Andrew Papachristos (IPR/Sociology),
Celeste Watkins-Hayes (IPR/Sociology), Moderator: Odette Yousef (WBEZ)

Remaking the Life: How Women Living with HIV/AIDS Confront Inequality

Celeste will be interviewed on the podcast.

Celeste will be interview by Stephen Pimpare

Celeste will be interviewed on the Rebel HQ Podcast by Cenk Uygur.

Dr. Watkins-Hayes will be the Conference Keynote at the annual gathering of scholars and community members featuring the most pressing black sociological issues of the day.

Celeste will be interviewd on the Thrive with Morella podcast